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We hope you will Love our soaps as much as we love making them.

FEDOR Skincare products



This is family business. Firstly, it was love for making natural soaps for the family members. Secondly, we start to give away to friends and relatives and we created unique packaging. Thirdly, most importantly we saw people love what we are doing. In conclusion we start this venture in the end of 2016. In addition, we narrate our story on the link bellow.

  • We only use selected unrefined cold-pressed oils, healthy herbs and organic goat milk.

  • We're testing our products on family members, Therefore, we insist on 100% natural cosmetic and clean labels.

  • We strongly believe in concept of unification of people and nature. Above all, health is our eternal target.

Why anyone could use FEDOR products

The world around us is changing constantly. Due to Industrial developing people are more self-aware as a result of countless products marketing the word “Natural”, while in contrast, exponential increasing of the cosmetic market is forced above all, to produce more, faster, bigger. First of all, we are delighted that people are focusing more on the labels of the products, rather than the name and packaging. That trend is rising daily. As a result, we at FEDOR strongly believe that trend is most noteworthy, because we’re sailing on that boat. Finally and certainly most important above all, organic cosmetic and natural skincare without any chemicals is our vow. No compromise.

Fully responsible

Handcrafted, eco friendly techniques, high personal hygiene, only natural ingredients, no chemicals or other additives

Old fashion way

We are not thermally processing ingredients we use, leaving cold-pressed oils in their natural form and characteristic.

Special services

We offer a number of additional services such as custom soap orders, commercial/wholesale needs, motel/hotel individual soaps

100% Natural

Everybody can use our products. From infant to adult. Any type of skin. You can use it by your self or as a gift for someone and be totally assured that you gave 100% natural product.


You can contact us for any additional question regarding our products. We are always happy to help or receive a suggestion.

Family run business

We are a family run business, who believes in providing top quality products. We test and use the products we produce by our self.

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