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Baby Edition

Baby Edition


Exclusively Handmade Natural Skin Care Soap Bar for babies.

Beautiful handcrafted natural soap bar from Organic Goat milk, extra virgin organic Coconut, organic Shea butter and extra virgin Olive, Jojoba, Avocado and Castor oils.
95 ℮

Product Description

Made from best organic and cold-pressed oils, mixed with chamomile flowers and organic goat milk, we created beautiful handcrafted natural skin care soap bar for your baby.

Gentle and It refreshes and soothes the baby’s delicate skin without stripping away the natural moisture. It will soften your baby’s skin from head to the toes.

Free from synthetic fragrances, colorants, preservatives.
Packed in unique luxury package, closed with handmade wax seal. Nice present for you and for your loved ones.

Every Baby soap is made of:

Organic goat milk

  • Organic Goat milk,
  • Organic and Cold pressed Olive oil,
  • Organic Coconut oil,
  • Organic Shea butter,
  • Cold pressed Castor oil,
  • Organic and Cold pressed Avocado oil,
  • Organic and Cold pressed Jojoba oil,
  • Chamomile flowers

Soaps are not scented or colored. We think that such a quality soap should remain in its own natural form so you can be assured that you have pure natural product with a high concentration of healthy ingredients.

Our hobby with traditionally old family recipe, improved in field of additional Extra Virgin and Organic Oils, became production of soap bars for satisfied customers that never felt such refreshment of their skin.

WIth every soap bar from FEDOR you receive:

  • 100% Chemical free. Paraben free.
  • All soaps are naturally dried 3-4 weeks on fresh air before carefully selected and packed.

ATTENTION: Never apply lather into baby’s eyes. Lather from natural handmade soap is practically salt.
We saw that only way to make tear-free soap is to add chemicals that are allergenic and cancerogenic.
Under what price?
Under any conditions FEDOR would never use any chemicals, parabens, fragrances in our products.!! Skincare of our customers is most important to us!

“FEDOR” Soaps had an honor to be part of exclusive luxury baskets for 2015 Golden Globe Awards between worldwide known cosmetics brands. Celebrities that received baskets with “Fedor” soaps included were Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Channing Tatum, Collin Farrell etc.

(all pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual color of product and package may vary due to product enhancement and effects from handcrafting)

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