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The Goats

Thank you for beautiful Natural Organic milk you provide us for our soaps

Meckoec is an organic farm established in 2008, offering a wide selection of goat meat, natural source water, milk and dairy products such as various types of feta cheese and yellow cheese. Located under the peak Klepa, 10 kilometers from Gradsko, in an area that brings up the rare beauty of Macedonia’s wild regions. During the time from 2009 to 2010, the company TD NaturalFood LLC took 250 hectares of high quality pasture land under concession and provided 105 breeding head of she-goats and 5 he-goats, all from certified reproduction centers and breeding farms. Whiten the farm there is also a mini ZOO which is providing enter-tainment for family and children. In order to promote the organic farming they have arranged public access to everyone who wants to experience ecologically clean organic food. Numbers of activities are being hosted, starting from accommodation, camping, company’s visits up to horse riding, mount biking and many more.

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